Helen Sharp Needs To Wake Up

March 17, 2014 Hamilton, The Dirty 35 98,397 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Helen Sharp… works at a day care (goes to work drunk) has coke parties with her 3 yr old child sleeping on the couch, goes to bars with the kid in tow. A lot of the time everyone else takes care of her kid cause she’s too hammered to do so! Come friday this idiot only has one thing on her mind coke coke coke… she maintains she’s a good mother but those who know her know better… she doesn’t clean her house or her kid. I’ve been to her place and was afraid to touch anything in fear of getting sick (her kid is constantly sick) I’ve repeatedly told her she should smarten up but to no avail.

I see a lot of Pepsi on that plate.- nik

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Ghetto Racist

January 28, 2014 Hamilton 49 7,525 Views


What’s up with his eye?- nik

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Megan Ford

January 27, 2014 Hamilton 56 7,515 Views


THE DIRTY ARMY: Sup NIK….. This dirty whore is spreading cl***a around hamilton and dundas! WARNING TO ALL GUYS! she does not tell anyone she is infected and sleeps with up to 5 guys a week! this girl may look pretty but she is as dirty as they get.. her house always smells like complete shit from the all the animals she has and doesn’t clean up for.. Everything about his girl is dirty and her vagina is as dirty as they come… do not have sex with this girl! chances are she will try! STOP THIS GIRL FROM INFECTING ALL OF DUNDAS! DON’T SLEEP WITH MEGAN FORD! she obviously thinks she’s a model too… lol

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Cheating Rapehound

January 14, 2014 Ottawa 94 11,137 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is dave deshane .. aka Hamilton.. deglesh.. hes a liar a cheater a rapehound a piece of shit.. he cheated on me gave me cl** .. and I got *** c from him as well.. hes a low down scoundrel who needs his shit aired out. He thinks hes better than every body and ontop of the world but really hes a nasty scab who is a wart on the world.. he tells so many stories about his gats and shit but really all he can afford is a watergun from the dollar store. Lmao hes the biggest woman beating drug addict!! He puts his poor mother thru hell and shes so sick I feel so horrible for her he took me home for dinner a few times .. and treated her so poorly I hope to god she gets better and he goes to jail for a very long time for the rapes hes commited.. in the pic is a rap he made about somebody but it defines him too a t and the one in the hospital is for his treatments for ***

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Shala Grant

July 15, 2013 Hamilton 82 8,753 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Shala Grant, this fat bitch is a walking public health hazard. She married some poor guy who didnt know what this cunt has drd up her pssy, now his dick is covered with her krusty sores while spreading it throughout the city! He’s always cheating on this her. This bitch is always causing drama news flash fatty no one cares. Posting pictures of her fat ass in spanx and pictures of food that she eats. FCK ME clearly nothing is working!! SHes fcken gross, and guy who trys to fck her would mistake a fold for her pssy, not to mentio this bitch uses a bar of deodorant daily in her creases trying to mask the stench of mold coming off her body. If you see her on the street its a definitely a shock because it would have taken 5 pounds of crisco dumped on her fat ass tp squeeze out the front door. Channel 11 news knows where the root of the earthquakes in hamilton are coming from FAT STINKY SHALA. People BEWARE of this cnt, it could infect your life

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June 13, 2013 Hamilton, Would You? 420 12,772 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this Girl or Man’s name is Vanessa. She is one of Hamilton’s Tranny Escort. She will sleep with almost anything for attention. Vanessa goes around saying that every girl is jealous of her. Uuuuummmm, jealous off what?? She is so Delusional and just don’t understand that no one likes her for the simple fact that she is a slutty loser. Her mother is a pill popper and her uncle is a pedophile. Vanessa for your son’s sake stop escorting and put down the pipe…… Anyway Nik, would you??

Answer: No, it looks like her +2′s were set with a bar between them.

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Akash aka Stella Minaj

May 30, 2013 Hamilton, The Dirty 355 86,312 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this guy will sleep with anything, he is into older men, aka 45+ when he is only 20, he thinks hes hot sh*t and can model and sing meanwhile he sucks at those things lol… one of Hamilton’s TRUE BUCKETS.. Hes dating a guy right now whose a grandpa. He’s just nasty, and a little sl*t if you ask me. Look at his weave and attempt at modelling pictures, just one of Hamiltons jokes.

He should really try to shave if he’s going for that feminine look.- nik

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Roza Believes She Is Better Because Of Her Bachelor’s Degree

May 23, 2013 Hamilton 168 9,020 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Roza Moza aka Roza Bakir belongs on TheDirty. This girl is the definition of “undercover hoe”. She acts like a sweet and innocent proper Kurdish girl, but in reality she is the exact opposite. Roza is a total club rat, she spends all her time in clubs and bars hunting for men and taking slutty pictures. Her favourite place is Hamilton’s dirtiest club Sizzle. You can find her and her BFF Mariam (pictured above) there every weekend. These girls are hands down the biggest middle eastern losers in Hamilton. They collect DRDs like it’s a hobby & they will do anything for some male attention. Roza thinks she’s a genius & better than everyone just because she has a bachelor’s degree LOL get real. I feel bad for both of these girls, they are just so desperate for attention (and cock) and I feel even worse for any man that is unfortunate enough to actually have sex with one of these dirty whores. Hamilton watch out!

What the hell is a Kurdish?- nik

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