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Brittany Claggette Is A Gold Digger

December 19, 2014 Edmonton, The Dirty 0


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, I don’t need to say anything, the comments will speak for themselves. Deadmonton’s finest gold-digger.

I cannot tell if that is a wig or full weave?- nik

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IBM Hires Weirdos

December 19, 2014 Cleveland, The Dirty 115



THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I think human resources at IBM needs to do a better job in the screening process.

No words.- nik

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Boy Scouts Of America To Pay $7 Million For Sex Abuse

December 19, 2014 Dallas, The Dirty 7


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I read in the weekly that Boy Scouts of America has been found negligent in the case of Siegfried Hepp, a Connecticut troop leader accused of sexually assaulting multiple Scouts. Hepp was convicted of unlawful sexual touching of a minor in 1999. Instead of telling parents or law enforcement about the abuse, plaintiffs said the Boy Scouts of America covered it up in order to protect its all-American image. One Scout leader named in a file presented as evidence was accused of molesting 34 boys. The jury in the case agreed, hitting the Scouts with $7 million in penalties. They also awarded further punitive damages, which will be determined by the judge at a separate trial. According to the Boy Scouts of America’s 2013 financial report, the organization had $1.5 billion in net assets. Do you think 7 million is enough?

$1.5 Billion? WTF…what kind of scam are they running?- nik

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I’m Speechless

December 19, 2014 Hollywood, The Dirty 35


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I can’t believe that People Magazine just named Whale Wars the sexiest woman alive! It is official, 2014 was the year of the fat chick. Did they not see the photo of her looking like a beached whale?  People has ZERO credibility with me from now on.  The Dan Bilzerian interview that he paid for wasn’t enough, they had to do this.

People must be on drugs.- nik

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Started From The Bottom

December 19, 2014 Hollywood, Las Vegas, The Dirty 38


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Mrs. Mary Lind. She is not new to this website! She is known for her sneaky manipulative ways. She can’t keep any friends her own best friend Elle talks sh*t about her constantly. She started off as a GOGO dancer turned reality star of “For The Love of Ray J” turned stripper then turned fake ass club promoter and now she is turned into a first class gold digger. She has always been money hungry from day 1. From her hunger for fame (which she got none, to now her men). She has changed her BAE’s (as she refers to) 5 TIMES within the past 7 months. Bragging all over her Instagram. But when none of them pay her way, she dumps them and deletes the pics! Now looks like she has a poor old sucker in her trap. She saw this kid and saw money signs, c’mon free trips and clothes why would this Latina ever say no? Basically the kid I heard is a cool cat he needs to wake-up and stop spending his hard earned cash on this broke down used up whore. What do you think Nik? Love or Money? Lets see what Vegas has to say.

I can’t make out the GoPro’s first and last name. Anyone?- nik

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Michael Phelps Is Not Gay

December 19, 2014 Hollywood, Los Angeles, The Dirty 25


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I’m not sure if you read the comments people write on your Instagram but if you do this one is a doozy. Remember the shim Michael Phelps was sleeping with… well maybe she isn’t a shim after all. She wrote this in response to one of your followers.

Chick or dude? Now I’m even more confused.- nik

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Jet Set Life aka Jet Set Skam

December 19, 2014 Hollywood, The Dirty 21



THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I know someone that did business with Dhar and heard that this week the Feds froze all his bank accounts and his partner Nick. That’s the reason Lilly broke up with him. Obviously not because of his followers. He has been running a ponzi scheme and his scheme ran dry last couple months and has been begging people to take over his car payments etc. Big problems in store for that guy.

Dhar I will take one of the car payments off your hands. Let me know.- nik

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Potential New Dirty Celeb From Down Under Ky Lee

December 19, 2014 Sydney, The Dirty 54


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Ky Lee.  Super hot girl from down under.  Since Clown Under is no longer relevant and sucks at life, we need someone new to represent from our country.  So I sending in an application for Ky Lee.  Thoughts?

More applications from DirtyOz please. What is the story on Rocky 4?- nik

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