Undercover Slut

August 28, 2014 Regina, Saskatoon 8

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this THING here is Shantelle Toto…she’s one of those chicks who is FOREVER pregnant. She made herself FAT just so she can play it off. She lies so much and always had pretend boyfriends that no ones heard of. She would say she’s getting married all the time meanwhile no one wants this pass around…except for her now “fiancé” Billy Laswisse lol I feel bad for him. He thinks he has himself a great wife. Meanwhile she’s a Facebook whore. She’s always messaging guys who already have women and I know because she messages my man all the time trying to spill her relationship problems to him. I have other friends with the same problems with her. She thinks us ladies get jealous of her because we call her out on her slutty ways but this conceited little home wrecker has it all wrong. Pretty sure if some woman went to your man with the same sleezy shit you pull on our men you wouldn’t like it either. Better watch out ladies, don’t trust your man around this whore. She acts like she’s the perfect housewife on Facebook meanwhile she’s a snake. Poor Billy lmao

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Don’t Stick With Crazy

August 28, 2014 Saskatoon 8

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is my ex-bf nd your site just wouldn’t be complete if you didnt expose this piece of ratchedness named David Silva,you see David here is a hateful, miserable scumbag who is responsible for a alot of the posts on this website about the gay populace. its shocking that no one has posted one about him when he is an absolutely disgusting human being. before i get to how big of a cum dumpster he is, id like to let everyone know that he has a special needs brother who he always makes fun of in front of others, drug addict and he thinks everyone wants him and wants to be him, so that should give you some insight of this deluded queer, David loves his mind games, he uses grindr and other online hookup sites to play games with random guys (sending them to random houses, and getting them into weird situations with the promise of sex with him), and publicly shames and outs guys just for the f*ck of it. now let’s get to what makes him dirty -he supports his hardcore coke binges by fcking his dealers and even admitted to me(after i dumped his psychotic ass) that he was dp’d by two black guys without protection while we were together. by this point his parents have cut him off and how does this high school drop out support himself? letting oldguys screw him! I’m not even going to get into what this mentalcase has done to me in the span of dating,you get the picture. Also his breath stinks like ass, must be all the coke, semen and redbull. poor thing cant even keep his chapstick on

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Tessa the Fake

August 28, 2014 Saskatoon 23

THE DIRTY ARMY: So nik as you ready know this is Tessa tootoosis , she’s right back at it .. Will the skeez ever learn ? She goes and writes some sob story and changes her name on fb to cover up her ass . She says “stay true” but she’s the most fakest of them all. And she just broke up with her man in jail cuz she couldn’t wait 8 months to “get sum” bitchh u couldn’t even wait a month . Her mom was to busy pulling tricks to make some cash on the side to give her daughter the love and attention she needed so she thought the only way out was to start selling her self , she says she “hustles” ya hustles her stretched ass . My bro told me he took this hoe from behind and all he could see was her big stretched black asss hole . Like don’t you wipe? Maybe stop worrying about being known as a solid / hustling chick and go bleach your black anal It’s not attractive when you bend over now quit taking it up the but you sluttt. Have a little bit of class and respect your body for Fuk sakes your to young to be following your mothers foot steps . Help me put her in blast nik !!

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Melody Phuckin Moore

August 27, 2014 Regina, Saskatoon 8

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik! This is Melody Bitternose, this obese sack of skin is a liar, slug and an overall waste of time. She’ll use you for money, sex or what ever she can get from you. She acts like she’s a bad ass but in reality she is a chicken. Not only did she cheat throughout my relationship with her but she would send her fat nudes to any man who is even slightly willing to give her the attention she craves. She smelt horrible and probably still does, her nasty cunt smelt like rotting fish and she never showered. She claims she was a virgin but man does she have a wide set vagina, that thing she claims is perfect and beautiful is just plain revolting. Be careful around her, even if you use condoms with this bitch she will claim shes pregnant. She tried to claim she was pregnant with me, she said she was 14 days pregnant (2 weeks) when that isn’t possible. This childish girl wants nothing but male attention and her pregnancy cries are a big hit with her friends and family. She uses online dating sites to get her secret attention, even if she’s not single. She will still go for anyone who shows they’re interested. Her mother will even send her away to visit you because she doesn’t want her own stinky child around. She’s lazy and doesn’t do anything with her life except stalk other women, Just do yourselves a favor and stay away from this psychotic bitch, if you touch her get yourself checked. Drd infestation down there.

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Star City Lagenea

August 27, 2014 Saskatoon 4

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik This girl, of u can call her that, is a piece of trash that everyone needs to watch out for. She is disgusting and will slept with anything that moves. She’s been known to sleep with multiple guys a night and do gangabang for money and drugs. She’s had to have DNA done on all her kids and even thought her oldest could have been her dads! She has also been with her uncle for a car. She has a different “love” every week if not everyday. She put her oldest son in a home she knew he was being raped in and left him there to live! She recently dated a child molester. She has none of her kids and can’t even remember their birthdays. And to top it off she just popped out another! Shes had multiple drds including sy**hilis!!

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Definition of a Deadbeat Mom

August 26, 2014 Saskatoon 40

THE DIRTY ARMY: If there was a definition of a dead beat mother it would be : Brittany Warnock . She is one of the filthiest scummiest looking girls of Saskatoon . She had sex with an underage guy because she couldn’t get anything else . She tricked him into getting her pregnant but even that wouldn’t convince him to stay ….. She has no education even though she claims to be a student on her instagram She’s too dumb and lazy to get a job so she went on welfare and used her kid as a way to get more money . Now that isn’t even the worst part …. she takes all her child support and welfare and buys weed , cigarettes , and who knows what other kind of habit she has . she smokes beside her kid probably because she never learn that second hand smoke kills cuz she never went to school . She takes the nastiest photos on instagram because she can’t get a man let alone a boy she claims she loves her kid but she smokes whatever’s left of her brain cells away and cant even respect herself no matter how crusty she looks . she pretends to have sexy photo shoots . but really it’s just her and her rubby bird looking friend aevrie sousa sharing each other’s under wear and bras while they pretend to look hot in front of a camera . haha pathetic while she is getting high and her nic fix , her son is starving . belly rolls are’t sexy your nude photos aren’t either . guys don’t want to see your skin , we don’t either . her instagram name is: herbalmagic_ check her crusty body out !

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Rob Martens

August 26, 2014 Saskatoon 50

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik , this is Rob martens saskatoons dirtiest pathetic loser out there ive met this guy on pof few months ago BUT relized i new him personally from warman before hand thought id give him a chance thought he was a great guy and had his life together to my surprise jokes on me not only did i catch an std from this guy but he turned out to be not who he said he was or who i thought he was . Hes a lier , he manipulates woman on pof to have sex with him , he has next to no friends lol since he was 17 years old hes always been the outkast at parties and and still is he only had one friend named cory fehr if it wasnt for him he would have gotten his ass kicked on a weekly basis , he partied with high school kids up to the point where it got creepy , he always tried to hookup with under age girls as well. What kinda father would try to get with girls only 3 years older than his daughter?? If you see this guy on pof stay away ladies he will give you an std and youll regret ever knowing him . The sex was terrible and hes small down there anyways

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Dayzed and Confused – Matthew Littletent

August 25, 2014 Saskatoon 19

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, this fellow here is Matthew Littletent Dayzed N Confused on facebook, he claims to love his wife and yet goes out and cheats on her when he gets the chance Im not the only one hes been messing with! this guy has no job his wife basically supports his lazy ass and does everything for him while he sits around and does nothing but smoke weed with his snoopdogg looking ass! Hey Matthew just because you eat good pussy are a good lay especially when u pull my hair and have a big D!ck doesn’t mean u should go around cheating on your wife. Sorry Whitney this is the only way we can get it out to you! your wife deserves a loyal working man not a slorish worthless skandolous husband like you!!!! beware ladies this man carries drd’s and will fck anything that is willing and up late at night so he can fulfill his needs … why would u even get married if u regret it Matthew? u weren’t ready but now because of your skanky ass yo’re not only hurting yourself but people in the process! Im so glad there isn’t children involved in this mess of a marriage she has to u… good luck Whitney and Matthew your wife now knows your dirty deeds.. so called happy marriage hey

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