Cody Hastings

October 17, 2014 Saskatoon 24


THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this guy is cody hastings he is a cheater ladies he may be married but when it comes down to it all he will come over have sex with you and return to his wife like he the best husband in the world, he will tell you anything he can to get inside your head and manipulate you into doing anything he wants you to do. He lies he cheats and hell he will even tell you he loves you and will leave his wife for you then he will make up excuses not to leave her.

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Formally Brittany Larsen

October 17, 2014 Saskatoon 40

THE DIRTY ARMY: Her former name is Brittany Larsen but currently its Brittany Hastings, she lives in dormany sk from prince albert. She is a home wrecking slut who sleeps with men who have familys and she infiltrates into their lives to where the man leaves his family. She Sleeps with taken men so she can feel better about her self, in high school she use to brag about how many guys would want her, She has had the c*ap, mono and has passed it onto people, She may be so called married but she cheats on her husband while he is away at work. She is dirty and will get into anyones pants who shows her attention woman lock up your men this bitch is on the move.

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Definition of DoG

October 15, 2014 Saskatoon 7

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this guy will tell women or girls that he likes them sooooo fcking much, he wants them to be his girl and how she’s the only one! By The Way,, his pictures look nothing like him. In person he is an ugly kid from up north. No, im not racist just to low down dirty dogs like this one rite here.He deserves to be on here. He’s is passing around drd’s he says he got from chicks in “BlackLake”. He doesn’t wanna go get tested and cured. he will blame the next chick he sleeps with saying he got it from her. but clearly, no fcking chick should ever give him the time of day. He is lucky to even get Pussy!!! but after this i hope all the women he talks to see’s this. Ryan Herman is one nasty ass Guy and needs to be called out!!! Ladies (Girl Power) calling out the nasty guys in stoon will push them to go get tested instead of spreading that shit!!

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Who is this Douche

October 15, 2014 Saskatoon 43

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, I was hoping you could help me expose this dude! I”ve been suspecting my boyfriend of 4 months has been texting other girls so when I checked his texts I found pics of this dude on his phone! Pics like this and genital pics, and the worse is reading the messages where he is begging to blow my bf, or lick his feet or do him doggy without protection! AND a bunch of other things i don’t even know what it is, like rimming? Needless to say I dumped him.

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Thug Luv

October 15, 2014 Saskatoon 37

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this guy right here is one of the biggest players in NB :-he’s like a male ferda bwoy, acts like he’s the toughest dude but always get punched out like the punk he is, he has 2 or 3 kids he never see’s and disowns 2 of them because he doesn’t want to be a dad, he gave two girls a drd including my girl that he fuked while she was hammered a nd ditched her lile garbage, he also got with this one chick names trinity or tristan parteridge and banged her in the ass and made her shit herself in his ex girlfriends bathroom and he has a bunch of different girls he bamgs while his so called “”love of his life”” is clueless by broke fool, he also got with this chick named jerry yuzitpie, and got busted with his pants down and still lies about it, he had most of the NB girls and doesn’t give a shit how old they are, so ladies like slutty broke meat hit u Dillon Pooyak for a fun night with this little dick 5 mimute boy, he gets with anything that has ass and pussy, make him wrap it because he loves bearback. North battlefords worst play toy for you ladys, he fcked my girlfriend and gave her an drd

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Public Service Announcement

October 14, 2014 Regina, Saskatoon 3

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik This guy here is a city of Regina worker who goes by the name Vance Pelletier, he seems to be seeking a long lasting relationship but the only thing thats long lasting about him is his herpies… He’s a cheater, lier and will drain your bank account when your not looking beware of this douche bag ! He’ll use you and abuse you and make you feel special about it. The only gift you can look forward to receiving, is a trip to the drd clinic.

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Town Lee

October 14, 2014 Saskatoon 18

THE DIRTY ARMY: Staci lee. Where do I even begin? Everyone who comes into contact with this bitch she turns their life into a ball of shit. She is the biggest shit talker I know, drops names left and right, I don’t now why people even give this scum the time of day. She went to the colonial with Dylan smalls about 2 months ago when he got out of jail, they went with a buddy of his, he left a couple ounces of coke in the vehicle, she told them she had to make a phone call  in the truck ” low and behold the stupid coot jacked the blow and hid. Fucking low life. Not to mention she ripped my bro off the other day. This stanky bitch also has a tramp stamp of her loser boyfriend jasper on her back. She knew him for how long, a month? He’s in jail for 7 years, you try to claim that your faithful & your screwing some joe guy behind his back.. Not to mention on top of that while you were claiming to be faithful to joe that’s when you left to meet up with Dylan smalls in a mini skirt with no panties on… Classy. Your clam hangs as long as the skirt.. I would send you kegel balls but they would probably fall out. People bang you because your easy hunny not because your pretty, you look like a retarded dolled up 5 year old who sucks in your saggy tummy. Quit wearing belly shirts. Grossing me out. One of my close friends was about to go down on this poor excuse of human and said it smelt like shit on tuna & and made his way back up. How embarrassing. .. ( is called soap ). This thing is on a serious cocaine diet, Columbian cold all year round. You would think you would want to take care of your “3″ kids but your to worried about getting the next rail. Pathetic!! I hope you never decide to repopulate. 3 kids with 2 different dads is enough damage. You can’t decide to be mommy when ever you want. Kind of a full time thing ya dumb dumb. Oh let me not forget you did MDMA at your house while your kids were upstairs sleeping. Disturbing to say the least. You should be in jail you pig. Staci likes to think she’s the hottest piece of work. I beg to differ, keep smoking gak & meth girl, looks good on you) last but ” certainly not least ” Staci likes to get all strung out and post the most annoying stories on Facebook about how she’s a fabulous mom. Tell me Staci, what have you done for your kids that’s so special.. What have you bought them with your hard earned cash? What job do you have for that matter? Might I add she’s gives mouth to mouth on any dick for blow? Or she’ll try to pawn off her belongings for a exchange. Winning!! Hahaha oh don’t let me forget she has stole half the things she ” owns “sticky fingers. Stretched out saggy twat. This whore has cunt scabs and smokes them. I just regurgitated a bit. Clean your act up you piece of shit. Wash your face too, you look like crack head version of snooki. Saskatoons biggest slut bag.

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Cory the Pig

October 13, 2014 Regina, Saskatoon 10

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is Cory Boehm, most disgusting player ever. He’s from Regina but works out in Alberta. This dirty pig has two kids with a giant bitch. He constantly lies to her and tries to get laid behind her back. He’s all over POF and telling people he is single. He will come across as a super sweet guy, but as soon as his crazy woman finds out it gets messy. You think the idiot would have learned by now, and you’d think his baby mama would have left by now too. He abuses her all the time and even left her alone pregnant, but she’s too stupid to leave. He’s got diseases and doesn’t care if he spreads them around, the guy will fuck anything and everything. Constant drama with them and just not worth it for this fat loser.

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