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Mothers of the Year

December 18, 2014 Saskatoon 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: Both of these girls are unfit mothers. One the mother of the other girl ” Paula Bee” on facebook doesn’t even know how to look after her children she has, which I lost count of. Yet she’s also in a gang. I’m sure you all know the one who everyone is in! “TRANNY SQAUD” This girl is a fcking joke. She has been living with H** for how long, yet she is on the black pages selling her ass. Oh well at least she gets by right? Instead of living off of welfare, a measly $255.00 a month which you can get more when you work for a living. She is really pathetic. I feel seriously sorry for her kids for what they have to go through, always hitting them and forcing them to go outside without proper clothing, and drinks and gets them high when the youngest is under 3. I’d say they belong in Child & Family Services, at least they will be treated right! What else can she give besides opening her lips for more kids. She thinks shes all that because shes in a gang but yet shes straight ugly! & doesn’t have any eyebrows always draws them in. Both of these girls are UNFIT MOTHERS! Paula’s daughter has a kid with a 26 year old jail bird, when she is only 15 herself! But most of all their kids belong in care! At least they all will be treated proper.

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Baby Momma Drama

December 18, 2014 Saskatoon, Winnipeg 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, these 3 really need to be put on blast. Come on seriously! Carlos is a complete loooser who bounces back and forth between his two baby mammas. Angel and brittany. Angel is fcking retard for always taking his dumb useless ass back. When he is at her house she does everything for him and when I say everything I mean everything ! Carlos takes advantage of her and in the end always leaves and ends up hurting her Nd their kids. Thats where brittany comes in the this picture. She hooked up with carlos while carlos was with angel and she knew angel was at their home waiting for him with their kids. But that didn’t stop her from being with carlos and getting pregnant. Everyone told her that he already had a babymamma and he always ends up back with her but that still didn’t stop her. I feel sorry for her no she gets to go through everything he put angel thru. And I doubt he will even be there for her kid when he ain’t even there for his first two kids. He probably has gotten other chicks pregnant. He is a compulsive liar only thinks about himself. He thinks he is this big tough drug dealer when he has no money haha how do you sell drugs but are always broke living off of your babymammas or other people. I know a few people that he owes money too cause he ripped them off. Angel told me personally that she even paid a debt he owed one time. Hurting much. Brittany told me that he owes her money too lmfao really taking money from your babymammas you da man ! I know all of this cause I know all 3 of them personally. I have them all on my fb and I find it funny seeing angel and Brittany’s statues about carlos makes me lmfao cause thses girls are so stupid thinking he loves them. Carlos creie for Angel and his kids when he is drunk. Grow the up man and quit acting like your all that. When in reality you ain’t shit but a deadbeat!. I feel sorry for you babymammas. Nik please put thses 3 on blast! Tell me what you think of their fd up love triangle nik?

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Mykayla Bearboy

December 18, 2014 Saskatoon 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this betch has got to be put on blast! mykayla your a dirty little hoe and everyone knows it. the worst part about you is you brought I little boy into this world and you drank throw your whole pregnancy and idk how anyone would ever want to f*ck such an ugly beast!! this hoe thinks shes a f*cken 10!! yuck f*ck, everyone knows your not. I feel bad for yur son to have such an ugly piece of sh*t like you for a mother… and honestly you should start acting like a f*cken grown ass woman and ditch that southside gang already. its sick as f*ck to have your (1month) old son wearing a grey flag around his belly area… you need to have that baby taken away.. I heard you had the clap not once but three times! always trying to act tuff and say your solid when all your southside home girls sit around and talk sh*t about you.. we all know your ugly as F*** and we’ve seen you fight aha mykayla just shut your mouth and get a real life and quit spending your sons money on drinking you deadbeat hoe!

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Backpage Theif

December 18, 2014 Saskatoon 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this little piece of work is on BackMages ( you know where I mean) once n a while. She gave me some lousy 2 min blow job and ran off with my cash. And my junk be clean, and I shave too. Then I had to go to the Doc cause my d**k was all messed up. so don’t make the mistake i did get a crappy bj and get robbed !!! Yea its my fault lol for lettin her but come on it feel good

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Megan Minor

December 18, 2014 Saskatoon 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is megan laura marie minor. a whiney little bitch who just shouldn’t be trusted. she talks alot of shit. alot. i was her friend for 6 1/2 months. and i heard her talk about a number of girls. but then when she sees them she’ll act like there best friend. she claims to be so innocent when thats not the case at all. she steals from her parents. she has no problem lying to your face about anything. she even talks about her ‘brother evan’ calling him every name in the book spilling all of his secrets everytime they get into a fight. which is pretty often. she likes to get into everyones buisness and put her two sense in. she feins out alot always bumming smokes from randoms. its pretty funny because she smokes everybodys weed and is a fein for smokes but when its time to get you back shes no where to be found. which i guess, big deal. typical Maugon. she got kicked out of school and looked like she was about to cry. heard she did cry. LOL steals from her friends and lies to her family. slapped her mom and wonders why her mom doesnt want her? She talks and talks and talks about other girls. and she steals off her friends then when she gets caught she makes up a bullshit excuse. and cries to be your friend again when she knows damn well what she did was dumb. she tried stealling her friends girlfriend & telling everyone that brooke was going to leave brittany for her and then when brittany found out you were crying around about it. pathetic. your funny maugon and i can’t

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Jada the Slore

December 18, 2014 Saskatoon 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: okay nik . this girl right here is the most sleezyst girl in saskaton. I believe she chases everyones baby;s Father out their, and not to mention how she lies about her age to everyone. And a sis told me she had sex with jarryd cameron. As you can see all over Facebook on ‘ Jada Yuzicappi’ s Facebook yu can see how close they are in all there photo when they sed ”10 months reunited ” lol that made me laugh cause i remember when i caught jarryd poRkiiing this GuuuRL in my homiiiiesz Garadge .. LMAO than i kiiiCked her out cause she was tRying to do that t0 every One lol …. ANDDD … well actually they always have bin fck buddies and i feel sorry for his girlfriend that just has a baby not even 3 weeks ago. god bless that baby, and oh yes i also herd that she has biiin fucking some other baby daddies out their . so watch out woman of children this girl will talk so nasty to ware your dumb ass baby babydadys will throw all there useless goods at this low life 15 year old little girl .’ OH AND THIS GIRL HAD THEEY C*AP BEEEF0R LOL LOL LOL LOL . SO PLEASE NICK POST THIS GIRL SHE IS GIVING TO MUCH HOMIES THE CLAP SUM1 HELP THIS GIRL AND GIVE HER CONDOMS …. HELP HER ‘

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Cheating Singh

December 16, 2014 Saskatoon 19

THE DIRTY ARMY: This fcking douchebag lives in Saskatoon&thinks hes the shit. His name is HARJOT SINGH but also goes by HARV/HARVEY because he wants to fit in with the white folks down here. He is a abusive fcking asshole. He hides everything from everyone. He Lies about everything to everyone. He has a gf & he has been cheating on her for 3 years now & shes so fcking clueless &No one knows about her so he can fuck around behind her back just like he did 2 me. He has so many dating accounts even 1 for “date a cougar”LOL, POF. I found out & I even sent it to his gf and she doesnt believe me. He goes around town talking to different girls & getting their #\’s to see if he can get some.Hes so unfaithful. Hes dirty as fck. He LOVES being sexiest & thinks its ok 2 beat the fck out of a woman when she disrespects him/not obey his dominance. He probably has many side hoes. Hes from India/Ontario& he is the most fake person on this planet. This guy really has some mental issues. He threatens to kill people. The point of this post is to show the city what kind of a DIRTBAG this asshole really is and that he is a cheater!!!! I hope all the girls he is sleeping with currently or even “seeing as close friends” sees this& realize they need to get tested soon! HE WILL CHEAT ON EVERY SINGLE GIRL HE EVER DATES! HE LIVES 4 ONE NIGHT STANDS! He says hes ugly but takes tons of selfies like he’s fcking zoolander or some model shit AHHAHA!!NIK, PUT THIS GUY ON BLAST &MAKE HIM REGRET FOR WHAT HE HAS DONE!

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LG Hunta

December 16, 2014 Saskatoon 3

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Tyler frenchman, is a loser who lives in his moms basment hes 25 n lies his age to young girls claiming he is 17-18 to sleep with them!! My little sister who is 15 is supposed to be dating him, n he lied n said he was 18 until she found out he has a 17 year ol babymomma n him live together!! Rumours were spreaded that he gotva BJ at a party @ his broZ from a guy north battleford fag KB. A buddy of mine told me he has a second profile under tyler scott n blocked his lil girl bm to hook up with little girls. He fcks fat bitches and under age girls!!!!!hes a closet drinker now n doesn’t hang with his friends cause he knows his homies dobt respect him lmfao goof!!!!!

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