Justine Gaddie

April 22, 2014 Regina, Saskatoon 25 5,454 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this fat mess is a backstabbing whore N IS SLEEPING WITH MY HUSBAND. MY HUSBAND and her both work at Seven Oaks In regina as a house keeper, she is so gross. I heard she is mad and put my friend Dana Oulette on here> lol she is just mad cause Dana is way hotter than her and her baby dad cheated on her while she was fat and having his kid. nik she is so self cosious and has majour trust issues. she just wants Dana to watch her son lol she cant handle that her baby dad cheats and she has to put everyone on here and comment. Nik i heard this fat ugly bitch beats her step son and kids. well all i gotta say is that Dana is way hotter and has had Nolan. Proof i have it . lol Justine had this coming Nik and she shouldnt of started what she cant finish lol Fat Cow needs moremake up and a push up pantie. She has ugly gross tits and a ugly face Nik help her she needs help

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Chasity Danielle Delorme and Lance

April 22, 2014 Regina, Saskatoon 4 10,118 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik< these 2 people are very digusting and phony. Chasity is a whore and loves a variety of men, she likes to sleep with her cousins and her best friend man. Nik she is a studentat the First Nations University in Regina and slept with Brad Bellegarde and has a huge crush on Cadmus. Nik she says that FNUC is her school and just because she is president now she thinks that she is the shit. But meanwhile she is cheating on Lance while he attends SIIT. pretty lame that he big fat stink friend Is Stephanie wannabe Bear and she is an Agecoutay. Chasity is best friends with this muffun top sleez bag and Chasity slepy with her husband> lol but really who didnt she sleep with. Nik this girl sleeps with gangters and lives in the hood on 9 block robinson in Regina> she used to work for cowessess urban office and ripped them off she is horribleto her people and is phony> Nik she steals from her own reserve and now she is gonna mess up peoples lives at FNUC. Chasity is so gross and she is now sleeping with my ex Lance. Nik i want everyone to know she is a run around on Lance and she is Reginas biggest whore. She loves big dicks and she has a wide set virgina. her house is digusting and she lives like a whore and yup the hood is perfect for this hood rat and he packy looking man that has big black eyes and a small dink. She is just mad cause my girl has her man and they are in love. Nik this girl is gross and will sleep with anyones man> she gave her ex cla**a and go**ia> Beware Nik

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Facebooks most Famous Goof

April 22, 2014 Saskatoon 87 8,846 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Phoney Facebook famouse loser

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Jamie Heffer

April 21, 2014 Saskatoon 16 9,347 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is one chick who defines crazy to T. She jumps from guy to guy, subjecting her children to a new guy monthly. She has to constantly have someone around her to help with her children because she cant hack parenting on her own. Stuffing her kids face with Mcdonalds because this is what this heffer lives off of. She tried to act like she is loosing weight but she is getting fatter by the day. At least the kids father is a better role model. Heaven for bid you are happy and know this woman or have a good life, she gets so dam jealous that she has to constantly make up lies to make her self feel better and look better infront of the few friends she has left. As well as coping others shit because shes too dam ugly and nasty. This woman will sleep with anything that will give her the time of day. In result she has has a few drds in the past year she still has not got cleaned from. Every guy that comes in contact with her eventually leaves her dumb ass , because she becomes demanding controlling needy full of drama, lies, cheats, and super clingy, and tries to find a father figure for her kids from day one. She jumps from job to job eventually getting fired within the first month because of her lazy stupid crazy dumb ass. Than lives off her parents money and selling herself to get to the next meal, because heaven forbid she not eat. This thing defines nasty and crazy all rolled into one, and someone who clearly has been hit with a huge bus called KARMA.

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Letia Paddy Brown Eye

April 21, 2014 Regina, Saskatoon, Would You? 69 7,606 Views

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this gross bull moose goes by the name of LETIA PADDY, she’s some raunched out girl from Regina. Her big Brown asshole says it all. She’s dirty, she’s fat, she’s gross. I wouldn’t fck her with your Dick! Lol

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Michelle Oliver

April 21, 2014 Saskatoon 10 5,478 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: slept with this girl about 5 years ago and caught an infection … this here is Michelle Oliver aka MISHA` she has two kids and counting and loves to party every weekend and gets fucked and left and leaves her kids in random places with stranger’s, she dont even know who these people are most the time . and leave’s them for day’s and babysitter get sick and wants to ditch her kid’s when she comes back for them shes all drunk taking her kids awayf rom bbsitter.. and she bother’s this old white man for cash all the time and takes her kids for rides with him and she get 100$ or more off him .. I mean u cant get that much money off a old man if u didnt do nothing for him .Rachet .. she makes people feel sorry for her . so sad ( NOT) i feel sorry her lil life , lives with people all over ,cant support her kids and her life , didn’t graduate cheats on her paki boyfriend all the time and when not partying all she dose is stay home and be a blob on the couch haha what a good role to tech her daughter , No man loves her and never will all they want is sex &d there gone * example of her baby daddy that ditched her .) betta watch your boyfriends because when shes drunk and blacked she dont care for no one but a dick in her mouth..

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Bi-Sexual Men Beware

April 18, 2014 Saskatoon 23 10,248 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, meet Garrett Westlake, who in my opinion is a narcissistic sociopath with no moral compass. He’s a completely self-absorbed little slut and is perhaps the foulest dude on this site. Let’s start with he is a manipulative con artist that preys on married bisexual men, persuades them to have sex with him, and then blackmails them by saying that he’ll tell their wife and family unless he gets paid off. He’s a big fcking size queen who will have sex with pretty much any dude if they have a big dick, not to mention he routinely gets fucked by teenage boys (this guy is in his twenties, something’s off there). Hes a compulsive liar that uses and discards his friends. Speaking of friends- I know he’s fcked at least 3 of his friends boyfriends, which is why everyone hates him. He’s a prescription Valium/Xanax/Vicodin/Ativan pill popper that flirts around acting like a perfect little prim virgin f*g while hes out on pilled out shopping sprees paid for by the people he fuks over (after he’s been pounded of course). Like I said, grimey to the highest degree.

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Lila Lavalle

April 17, 2014 Saskatoon 2 8,317 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: wel nik there is this woman Lila Lavallee from Regina she sleeps with anyone that can help her financially, she doesn’t tell the men she slept with she has genatil drd. i slept with her but like 4 years ago, i was lucky not to be that victim. she spreads a lot on the fly and is portraying herself as a bible thumper going from church to church in regina, her latest victim is a married pastor from Regina, and a pastor from Kanai. she lies and leads people on she has four kids and is a grandma at a young age. i personally just don’t think she should lead men on at same time and she should reveal she has gentile drd.

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