October 23, 2014 Saskatoon 11

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, well meet one of Saskatoon’s sloots.This gal is a real gem. She’s a compulsive liar and and will not hesitate to use you for whatever she thinks your worth. She enjoys her pepsi, molly, and breaking bad is quite tempting for her.She loves doing rails off of guy’s while her kids are in the next room. She has no morals or values and is only concerned for herself; and admits she has lied so much that she doesn’t even know what the truth is anymore.She insists that the guy she see’s stays faithful to her meanwhile she sleeps with whoever will give her the time of day. In a matter of seven days she slept with two different men, one boy closer to her kids age than her own, contracted an STD (trichomoniasis) but only had enough respect to tell one of the three. She has even went as far as hopping in random men’s vehicles with the intentions of offering them sex. Just shameless! She will never take responsibilities for her actions or for the people she hurts along the way so now the bitch is on blast.

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Lisa Delorme

October 23, 2014 Saskatoon 9

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this ugly slut invited men over to her house for supper with her husband Darwin there. After they enjoy a nice meal and her husband leaves, she likes to give them blow jobs in her husbands man cave. She works at Poundmaker School where she has also screwed half of the men there. And she don’t care if they are married or not. But her speciality is annual, she likes it hard and big, usually fisted. So North Battleford here is your annual queen.

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Dog on the Trap

October 23, 2014 Saskatoon 12

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this right here is Tyson Moosomin, aka.Tice Mayne… This small dick trip is a fcked in the head loser!! He will act like he is a big time baller making all this cash with his shitty rap crew Missing Chapters… Says he has a car but doesnt!! He will get any girl drunk so he can creep in her pants, i got pregnant by this goof and found out that he had another one pregnant and is trying to get my friends cousin pregnant too.. this.26 year old man child will get with anything. he gave me the clap and punched me because i was supposably lieing that i had an std from him, he is the biggest player ever… watch out girls… horney.tice mayne goes back and forthfrom nb to saskatoon, to edmonton and lloydminister just to get his.dick sucked?! He travels with his hommies so he can get a free ride to act like a baller but all he is, is.straight bummy swagg… lmfao

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Jenay Shakur

October 22, 2014 Saskatoon 16

THE DIRTY ARMY: ew ok nik , this ratchet as girl is disgusting ! she plays out the classy act just to get in boys pants . im pretty sure she is from up north she always trys to act solid but when it comes down to it she can never back up her home girls besides call the cops than go on facebook and flip shit and say this and that ! , point is i hate this girl , she slept with my boyfriend! than i broke up with him , sorry i should say ‘ ex’ but anyways on to the next lol my next bf she fcked him just to get me mad ! so i broke up with him i was like k fck this stupid no good garilla smelly bitch is pissing me off everytime i have a bf she has to spread her infested egg smelling vagina around my men ! but lets get to the point, that was just a little story. anyways this ugly girl ‘ JENAY SHAKUR ‘ i always here the hood talking about this gross girl always tryna say shes SOUTHSIDE or terror squad LMAO! like haha like really than she will deny it when one of the higher ups ask her and she s like no LMAO but she goes around having sex for free drinkgs and free drungs ! she even gives her mom the money she makes from escorting but i hurd her mom pimps her out lmao ! hahaha

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Daniel Caissie

October 22, 2014 Saskatoon 14

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this pig incest fingered his cousin A.M. and fcked his cousin S.C.same lastname even….fcked his brothers wife while his brother was in jail which probably caused their divorce… n not even a month after his brothers passing he was with his woman in the bed they shared in the home they shared, while ditching out on his 5 kids. he has also fucked his dads wife who used to b a sniffer on the street, this guy is sick! there has been rumours here in ile-a-la-crosse that have been going around for years of his caisse family, except Robyn shes probably the only normal one in that family. that’s probably why they moved away because of the rumours, they must b true, I would leave too. so sick I wont even say what the rumours are!

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Israel Stylee

October 22, 2014 portage la prairie, Saskatoon, Winnipeg 17

THE DIRTY ARMY: hi nik and hello everyone my facebook name is israel stylle but my real name is yechezkal malkin i would like to start off by saying i really love getting fcked up the ass by guys and girls thats why i love going to jail also i enjoy beating on women and drugging them up or pimping them out so i can make some bucks. well enough of that i just want to say to everyone that im looking to meet new people who are down to do anything they want to me i just love being ass fcked all the time and socking cock too i hasd to move from portage la prairie because i ran out of people who want to fck me so im hoping to meet people here in winnipeg that would love to fuk me

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Oh Look, Another Tootoosis

October 22, 2014 Saskatoon 14

THE DIRTY ARMY: Well look who is surfin the pages of POF, Good ol skeez bag Lisa Tootoosis, Her whole profile is fake LOL Mind you if you put down your were a dirty old escort sketched out on crack it might be hard to find a date.

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Christy the Old Slore

October 21, 2014 Saskatoon 7

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is a true white. This girl has slept end her way through everyone at the GEC in North Battleford. She has done so much cr*ck and coke that she has OD on it twice. She now met some guy who is as big as loser as she is, they met at rehab. She has three different kids from three different men all one night stands except the last. We are sure she is full of drds. In her past time she sleeps around to try and get money out of men.

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