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Plump Slore

November 20, 2014 San Antonio 6

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this slut is margarita macias ! Known for the whore around s.a i know this chick shes lied to several men about pregnancies but was neger pregnant once it got to a point she was suppose to have an actual belly besides her own fat shed say she lost the kid now she has a kid but not even sure if hes the father cause shes been everywhere and shes known , this kid is about one almost two ao any men out there that had intercourse with her around that time better get a dna she loves to lie and tells the biggest lie shes more of a mojada that has a disease also she never told anyone about this but i tought i should have shared it with yall she loves the attention so much but always uses guys for money or dick and also likes to be fkked from the ass from what i know is that she shitted frok a nigga with a big dick that fckd her from the back and shes bit a dick cause she couldnt gag it right it was to big for her shes gotten her ass beat by like two males and obviously seems to like it but coming to yall this only the wst sde of sananto

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Catfish Or Not

November 20, 2014 Houston, San Antonio, The Dirty 44


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this girl talks to EVERYONE in San Antonio and Houston.. Yet none of us have met her? She claims she just moved to Texas from New York. What do you think? Catfish?

Is there such a thing as Mexican Catfishes?- nik

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Tweaker Thieves

November 19, 2014 San Antonio 6

THE DIRTY ARMY: Mook has no brains in this meth operation. His girlfriend that never takes showers is the mastermind behind this operation. They both live with Mooks mom house which is section 8, they pay no rent, no bills, and they use the ebt card to buy monster drinks all night when they both sit in the bathroom for hours smoking on meth eat in the bathroom. While Misty sons are out wondering where is there mommy. if misty throws cigarettes and weed money at her kids, they ain’t complaining. Mook goes into people’s home with his backpack to steal your toilet paper and anything his dirty hands can touch. These couple make you feel cool. but when misty is known to fck mooks family for a quick fix, they keep it in the circle. yet you pay for these people to sell meth and Mook known to keep molesting his female relatives. neglecting his dogs and grandma. wash yo back is what he screams. wanna be gerson gangsters. Mook left his uncle dead for months in his home and no one noticed, yet they stealing uncles stuff while investigation. stealing phones for a speed high

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November 19, 2014 Miami, San Antonio 12

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this dumb girl thinks he loves her bitch sit down with the rest of the bitches Mr Manek is playing ! Her name is Kimberly an his name is myers who has 2 baby mothers poor girls what do you see in him nik please blast him because he fcks with so many females this relation ship is fake af an will crumble soon!

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Ol’melly Smelllly

November 19, 2014 San Antonio 6

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is melissa ann on fb ugly stupid no moral having ass , quick to fuck your man and swear on her daughter she never touched him she invites guys to her house whike her babydad tim is at work poor dude has her name tatted and she cheats on him, shes a dirty ass bitch who works at the rim at chik fil A thinking she balling with 400$ checks every two weeks shes real slick with her shit but this bitch is real quick to catch the pussy, if you ever come across this hoe just beware she wont tell you she has herpes but wont deny it either, her and tim are both hoes he gave her herpes while she was preg, tim isnt even her babydad she just stayed cuz they both have drd. ask around about this slut. shes only like 18 this bitch isnt even a women she cant even keep her pussy for her man, no morals doesnt give a flying fuck if your married have a family or live with your babymom she will try n fck you, beware san antonio he and tim are out giving herpes. and they will go to jail for it and her poor daughter wont have parents i wouldnt be suprised if she daughter had it, they kiss her and prolly used the same cups, poor child, ugly ass family.

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Amber the Thirsty Sucia

November 17, 2014 San Antonio 42

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik I don’t know where to start with this fat slob…let’s just start with the fact that she lives off the attention of men showing her a$$ and t*ts tof the world thinking she’s sey lmao….Some example she is for her daughter who will most likely grow to be like her mother (a cum dumpster)….ts shish his man looking beast always has her damn mouth open in pictures looking like she’s ready for a load lol…it’s pathetic how thirsty this ho is…she doesn’t deserve kids…this man looking troll no doubt is spreading her drds to every guy who gives her attention….wrap it up fellas…feel sorry for the kid…what a waste of oxygen this Ho is….Please blast her nik

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Baby Makin Ho

November 17, 2014 San Antonio 30

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik This nasty cnt goes by the name of BARBIE STONER and she looks nothing like a Barbie shes been on the dirty before so yea we all no she belongs here. This bitch is nasty as fuk she was goin to have a baby and had a abortion just to smoke her pot and do her drugs, she has slept around wit niggaz everywhere. Shes trying so fucking hard to become a model lol but look at her she looks like a crackhead lol but a short fat one. Shes also a home wrecker with drd so becarful ladies and guys in San Antonio. Barbie Stoner Fix ur tats they look like shit!!! And pllllzzzzz stop buying ur nasty ass cheap clothes at least dress nice ur tats make u look cheap as fck

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King and Queen of Mocospace

November 14, 2014 San Antonio 51

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik..this is Chris Rodriguez and Melenie de Leon. Melenie is 18yrs old with a kid..Chrus is 30yrs old. Chris is actually a celebrity on The Dirty as he has several post on here. If you read the comments on his post..their pretty accurate. Now Chris has found a new place besides Craigslist to stalk and harrass woman. You can find Chris on in the chat room under WAR MACHINE. You can also find is 18yr old little hoe on there to. Poor Melenie got to give her kid Nyquil to sleep so Chris can screw you. Trust me dumb bitch…your not the only one. Chris is well known in San Antonio for stalking and harrassing woman. He has several Google numbers he uses. Hes bisexual and enjoys picking up tranny prostitutes and robbing them. He has run out on several escorts and massage parlors without paying. He attends Incarnate Word College and claims to of been a Marine. His main passion is talking shit on Mocospace and if he gets rejected he goes psycho. He sends pics and videos to girls on Mocospace of woman hes had sex with and continues vegging them to have sex. Its a shame this dirty piece of shit has to settle with an 18yr old who has a kid. He has been reported to SAPD and Bexar County Sheriffs. They are already aware. Its just a matter of time. PEOPLE TAKE TIME TO GOOGLE CHRIS RODRIGUEZ AND READ THE POST ON HERE AND COMMENTS.

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