Positive and Doesn’t Care

October 22, 2014 Dallas, San Antonio 6

THE DIRTY ARMY: NOBY is from San Antonio moved to Dallas cause he has done half off San Antonio and infecting them with H*V… He would always do trade…cash for ass just so he can have his next drink. His specialty was to aim for the straight guys….and believe me he got them. Married, young, old, straight, gay, MAN or WOMAN…He fucked everything that walked! It just sucks that this Bitch goes to the clubs and doesn’t care if he passes this disease to those who are just there to have a good time when in fact they will get more than that.

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Adriana Morales

October 22, 2014 San Antonio 20

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik once again you need to put this Dirty Amry strong SLOB Adriana S. Morales back on blast like I mentioned before in my other entries this no good Whore is about having a baby girl from another guy so it can grow up to be a Cock sucking whore like Adriana I wonder if they will play guess who the dad is now some will say why am i doing this to adri or hope something bad happens to me the fact is im helping her because I’ve had more of an influence on her then her absentee dad that’s if she knows who her dad is. How you ask because of me she has deleted her Facebook, loss friends aka Larry\’s bitchass stop taking pictures at work even brought her closer to her dumdass boyfriend because of me she gave up control of her life to Alex so what if so what if he’s from the Ray Rice Chris Brown school of treating women maybe that’s what Adriana needs to finally stop being a whore and be a real mother and give JJ a chance at a real life and stop. Getting. The Jerry Sandusky treatment

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Ashley Topp

October 21, 2014 San Antonio 18

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this nasty bitch sells drugs right in front of her kid. She is currently having sex with 3 deejays in the same dj crew. she throws drug parties all night and stays up for days at a time tweeking and picking at her face while her parents foot the bill for her learning disabled kid. this slut makes me sick. beware if u are in the club scene, she is at all the little kid club parties……gross.

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Dezy the Homewrecker

October 21, 2014 San Antonio 33

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik  this bitches name is dezy gonzalez . shes all over San Antonio. Got different babies daddy’s from all over. She’s got four kids and doesn’t have custody of not one of them. She’s too worried about her dick then to worry about her kids. She can’t be bothered w She slept with my sisters husband at his brothers house and smiled to her face pretending to give advice on their relationship two faced slore. When I started to ask around about her everyone said she has drd’s she ll fck anyone as long as u tell her u love her and promise to pay her bills. Ladies becareful w this one don’t trust her w ur man.

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Bumb Beatriz

October 21, 2014 San Antonio 41

THE DIRTY ARMY: Okay nik, so this nasty gap tooth bitch is Beatriz dis hoe is a homewreckin ass hoe she has a son she don’t even take care of cause she rather go out with her nasty lookin slutty friends at dat she dont even know who the baby’s dad is cause shes always getting trained & fcked by any nigga she comes across, she took in like 10 different guys to the DNA & nope still no sign of his father how sad, her dad even found this bitch on the floor cuz she overdosed on brown how fuckin sick dude , this bitch is on CP’s for doing cke, her**n, & weed. oh & did I forget to mention she tried killing her son when he was 7mon. B kuz DA guy she was wid wasn’t tha daddy lol!! (That baby don’t look like me)!! Anyways this bitch is known for drd’s she’s a nasty mexico hoe tht needs to go back to where she came from . & yes she has a green card haha of course rite shes a fckn mojada sucia? Lol !!! beware of this sick ass whore she’ll FCK anything as long as it pays for her drugs !! Nasty bum bitch well now your on here cuz u deserve to be

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Burnt Bridges

October 21, 2014 San Antonio 24

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this bitch would.do anything just to get a buck,always donating. Every Monday since she was in homeschool,,and that’s not the only.way she makes her quick bucks,and it’s.sad.to say that,that’s how she supports her poor baby’s,that open Easy access Tramp ,has her.toung out wanna be miliey Cyrus,she’s always hot and ready,like little ceaser,the fact pig.need to grow the fck up, mentally. She gets 2-3diff.baby daddy’s, and wants to be calling me a bitch,spank, tramp needs to stop sucking.dick and get a job, instead. Of eating.to much McDonald’s. and pizza, ducking clutch potato,tent to get.pregnant she can’t.even. Take care.of.her own kids,damm she’s in her 30s,she ain’t about.that life, she starts something that she.can’t.finish, her and her so called causins which is.her sisters,this is.just the beginning ,there scared they don’t wanna.box’s all they do is bark behind a screen. After I already called them out,and that goes with her fatty fck burnt boyfriend has a long nasty noise, his nick name should be big bird,or.big burnt ,can’t even be a father to his.own daughter,always drunk never.sober,ducking squid ward.. Big bird name is Adrian. Gonzales, and Irene yease, her stupid sister name Marie Lopez and. Gracie Fuentes…. littered, relevant,shady suspicious, britches that are always. Hot nd ready like little Cesars,her sister with the 2guys are havelong 3way she.said.this are her love of her life,which is Frankn weird.. Her and her cacaroch bangs,she goes going on,they have no shame in their game lol keep it.classy.. Bitchs

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Ruby Q

October 20, 2014 San Antonio 27

THE DIRTY ARMY: Dumb broad better known as chubsters is dirty af bitch black in between her legs i couldn’t even fuk her. Would do anything for a beer or to at least hit the blunt. Bitch cheating on her babydad with me and homeless. Sucked me up with her daughter right by us. IF THOUGH LOOKING FOR A EASY HOE HIT UP RUBY !

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Typical West-sider

October 20, 2014 San Antonio 38

THE DIRTY ARMY: So nik, this ghetto fat b*tch is Laura Bernal. This b*tch has 7 or 8 kids but only has her 2 oldest daughter. This ghetto b*tch gave up her kids because the b*tch couldnt handle them. She stay with two daughter & boy let me say she has them in the streets. These girls are like in middle school & she has them dressing like if they are in their 20s. B*tch is ghetto As f**k & talks ghetto she says she gangsta she an OG. This b*tch can’t even get a job. She gets all that government help but for what she don’t use them. Her ghetto talks like a normal westsider. She date all these guys from mexico & she uses them for money. B*tch need to get a job, learn how to talk. & have respect for herself. She also need to reach her kids not to be trashy like she is. Come on 13 & 14 year old Lil girls showing there boobs & f**king older men for money is what she thinks is right. News flash b*tch your ghetto always will be & you ain’t about sh*t take your ass back to the westside or mexico with your ghetto ass.

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