Fake “PopStars” Scandal

April 23, 2014 Corpus Christi, San Antonio 0 6,348 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik, this is ethan walker.. he is the most FRAUD person you can ever come across. He wishes and brags about being a celebrity yet all he does is beg for money from his parents , he prank calls people all day long and fcks every guy he meets. I introduced him to my cousin MARCUS and he gave him a blow job the same night IN A PUBLIC RESTROOM. He pretends to be a “popstar” how about a PORNSTAR. He’s been saying hes a popstar since i met him but i have found nothing , not even a CD that he claims to be in stores… but NIK, think about it … a CD with 1 SONG about being with a girl but how obvious is it that hes a fagget. Lets not forget to mention all the COCAIN you snort up your nose, “Loosing weight” my ass. Always talking about your “so called” Career .. You cant even keep a job , let alone a clean house. He sleeps in a piss infested room with nothing but a MATRESS in it. Cant even pay his phone bill , his mom and dad do everything for him INCLUDING begging people to let him sing the national anthem ..wasting their money smh… Ethan sweetie, get a car, life and a job. Love -Brooke

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Fake Celebrity Search

April 22, 2014 Corpus Christi, San Antonio 13 10,142 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this fake “singer” “dancer” “model” has been a (put on) since the day I met him. He’s a Selena impersonator and I’m sure Selena wouldn’t want aa F*G trying to be her, he claims to be a singer but with 1 (count them) 1 song that isn’t even in stores like he says they would be. How the hell do you make a song about being with a girl and you’re obviously a f((get. He gave a blow job to my cousin in a public bathroom the same night he met him, slut much? Says he works out all the time.. But snorts coke on the regular. He talks shit about everyone he’s caught hanging out with and steals from his parents, that pay and beg producers to let him make a song. they should be paying a maid to clean up that dirty ass house of yours and that DOG PISS infested room you sleep in. Get a life, job and car Ethan. Mwuah !! Lmao

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Mary Lynn Olmsted

April 22, 2014 San Antonio 14 8,204 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik! i want everyone in san antonio to know about this dumb bitch name Mary Lynn Olmsted who lives of welfare shes one of the ugliest bitches i know. shes claiming she can fuck my dude. he already told you no cause of you damn drd’s bitch no… no one wants you only your fat ass ugly boyfriend. i feel so bad for your ugly ass son to! saw some shit on a friends facebook how she left her apartment all trashed and shit. She never had food in the house to feed her kids only beer and she would rather buy beer then clothes and food for her kids. Ive called cps so many times on her yet she finds out and moves ha you a stupid ass hoe im glad your friend chastity is on here too! ugly mother fckers You fuked with the wrong bitch fat slut. so if anyone see this ugly bitch tell her i said to leave my main alone already

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Sex Offender Ronald Petree

April 22, 2014 San Antonio 1 8,760 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: All the residents at Woodlake golf course need to watch out for this registered sex offender keep your children close he is a squatter still living on the golf course even though he’s not supposed to they sold the golf course and he hasn’t left the reason I know this is cause I had a creepy run in with him he startled me and came out of nowhere while I was walking my dog he was shirtless and looked like he was on cracked or something I didn’t have to look very far to find out who he was and what he was sic he has a new wife hope she doesn’t have any children if you do be warned he’s a monster don’t leave them alone with him he creeper me out so bad I just ran there is a elementary school a few blocks up is how is he allowed to still live there I will be letting my hoa know about this Thanks Nik for this outlet don’t know how else I could warn so many people without it

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Nicole Geer Backpage Psycho

April 22, 2014 San Antonio 4 9,642 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is nicole geer,aka chloe on backpage.beware fellas shes the most physcho ho u will ever meet.she will try ki*l u n ur family,make threats,try to hv u arrested for tryin to get away frm her crazy ass.the p*ssys loose af n she cnt suk dik if u walked the slut thru it stepby step.shes selling raunchy ass on backpage n really she should b the one paying to get fukkd.yes,its that bad.her tits are oddly shaped n saggy,no ass or hips,n looks at least 20 yrs olser than she is,plus she photoshops pix.youd think she cld make em look better,guess even photoshop cnt help her.stay farrrrrrr away .shes insane seriously

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Psycho Cow

April 22, 2014 San Antonio 34 6,936 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Sad story… so here we have one of the most scandalous nastiest scum bags in all of SA. She’s very familiar to this website cause she’s been on here before. This bitch is a walking drd who has tested positive a few times in her life. She lives with someone new every few weeks cause all her family is embarrassed of her and kick her out. First off she doesnt own a car and much less a diploma. She’s a dropout and a felon. She acts like the fact that she did “time” makes her a badass but it doesnt. It actually makes her another dumb uneducated ratchet hoodrat. And a desperate one at that… She was just back with her ex loso a few weeks ago and now is madly in love with his potato head looking ass named roger. I feel bad for the guy… All the other guys dump her for being psychotic and a stage 10 clinger so i’s just a matter of time before he sees it too. These two have only been together for a few weeks and already in love and staying with each other smh. she’s already trying to talk him into marriage and kids. Try losing some weight or getting ATLEAST a GED before u think about polluting the world with a kid born by you. Also shes jobless like she’s always been but then again it’s hard for ex cons to find jobs lol. So with all that being the least about this chick tell me what is there to hate on? Nik, I’m tired of seeing this chicks face so please put her on blast and maybe the local circus will see this post and offer her a job. We all know she needs one, she’s a STRUGGLING FAT FELON

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Terca Mariee

April 22, 2014 San Antonio 22 6,367 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this big tit no ass hoe loves to be fuked get her nasty saggy tits sucked thinks shes fine but its jst another ratchet hoe roaming the streets jst to b fuked hit hwr up on fb TERCA MARIEE

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Double Life of Hosea Hubbard

April 21, 2014 San Antonio 43 8,118 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, meet Hosea Hubbard wanna be Kanye West, wanna be fashion designer, wanna be fashion guru must I continue?! This guy says he the realest nigga but in reality he is the most fake nigga living a lie through facebook. He lies on facebook claiming he designs outfits, heels wedding dresses taking credit for other artist work. I don’t know how people buy into his shizz and praise him for being so talented. If you look up the picture online you’ll get the site of where the real artists have put their stuff online. If you try to call him out on his BS he’ll delete the comment and you from his friends list. Mr. fashion guru can’t even dress in style he thinks if he throws a vest over a button up he’s dressed to impress haha someone needs to show him how a real fashion guru dresses freaking pretti boi 24/7 my ass. He also lies about traveling and posts pictures of where he is at but he’s never in the pictures! Like the time they let him DJ at club Karma where the cast of the jersey shore would hang out nigga was never seen in the pictures! I’m surprised he is not on your site already its about time someone calls this guy out, he might think some people don’t know he’s the most fake person out there but WE ALL KNOW!!! There is so much more to say about this pathetic loser but I’ll stop “kanye shrug” haha and no one is hating we are just simply finally calling you out on most of your BS.

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