Joanna dainty

April 22, 2014 Pittsburgh 2 8,423 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this 21 year old female originally from Texas but currently lives in Carnegie/ pittsburgh area is an easy target. She spreads her legs at the drop of a dime. She will guaranteed fuk you in the same week you met her. No dates needed for this one fellas! FCK HER & FEED HER FAST FOOD! Her previous job was marathon in Robinson where she has been picked up by multiple men as well as sent her boss pictures of her self. This little girl has very few friends if any, due to her acting like her shit don’t stink w/ her orange hair & stank pssy. Her current job is petco in Robinson. Have fun fellas!

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JP Facebook Gangsta

April 22, 2014 Pittsburgh 2 7,922 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this lame right here is JP Jimmy Parker he’s from the Northsides dirty Fineview neighborhood. He’s a useless junkie just look at his nasty ass teeth. He’s a facebook gangsta but all bitch in person. He’s always running his mouth got himself shot in the ass because of it. Hes a deadbeat dad with like 10 kids. Why anyone would willingly sleep with him is beyond me. The girl hes with now he uses, cheats on all the time. This dirtball needs put on blast! Someone please start some kind of donation, help this poor dirtball get to a dentist asap.

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Isaac Skipworth Of Munhall

April 22, 2014 Pittsburgh 23 5,649 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hi Nik “I am the Spokeswoman for One People’s Project” next on the white power chopping block: Munhall man for spray painting a swastika last month on a post outside a Jewish center in Squirrel Hill near where he worked. Isaac Skipworth, a convenience store clerk, was charged with institutional vandalism “He stated that he was a traditional skinhead, not a neo-Nazi skinhead,” Lt. Scott Schubert of the Squirrel Hill station said, adding that Skipworth further explained that “he doesn’t have anything against Jews.” The Latest Skipworth Caused … A Lot of Trouble By posting false articles of a Native American Woman Mrs.Jeannie Dusetzina And of her family and children that includes racist slander we ask you nicely to unpublished the false articles as soon as possible. -Thank You

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Ashley Rhoades

April 21, 2014 Pittsburgh 182 9,377 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, This is Ashley Lynn Powell-Rhoades also known as Mckeesports Crawford Village Crackwhore Psychopath … Your Readers need to know that Ashley is a Jealous Envious Evil Demonic Skank who goes around Harrassing , Death Threatning, Slandering the People that She dont like or the People that Called Her Out and Bitched Her Out ..Ashley is in Her 20s and still uses the Excuse that she is a Teenager and knowbody should Pick on Poor Ashley so she Stupidly thinks that she can get way with all Her Crimes against the Woman that She is Jealous of … She is a Psychopath with Dissociative Identity Disorder with Alters like in the Movie Frankie & Allie with Hally Berry …Ashley is a Danger to Herself nd Others ..We have Begged Her Husband Steven to 302 Ashley but He is so Niave .. that He Believes Ashley and Lets Her get way with Cyber Crimes .. Death Threats ..She uses her Family Aunts ..Cousins ,, and the Low Life Friends from Crawford Village and the Local Cr*ckheads and her Bi Sexual Lovers … Ashley Rhoades needs to be STOPPED !!!!!!!!

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Toothless Druggie

April 21, 2014 Pittsburgh 9 10,019 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik,this is Laila she’s from Yukon she’s a h*roin addict,she’s a complete whore she goes from 1 guy to the next and then claim she was raped every other month for attention..but now she’s actin like she’s into girls!! the poor girl she lives with is a dike n she’s actin like she likes her so she’ll give her money everyday for her drug habit.. soo beware guys and girls she’ll use u all she can.stay away!

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My Ex-Step Sister

April 18, 2014 Pittsburgh, The Dirty 60 100,319 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I don’t wanna post her name but this scum bitch who is my EX-step sister stole my car and WRECKED it. Ditched her drugs and left it for the cops to come and find it and now I’m charged with leaving the scene of an accident and drug possession. I want to send a warning to all her friends she is a user and will drop you soon as you are done helping her!

What is her name? Maybe we can help you find her, match the finger prints.- nik

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Pathetic at it’s Finest

April 18, 2014 Pittsburgh 42 8,114 Views

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THE DIRTY ARMY: This is AllyKat, aka Ally K, aka Allyn Kamlet. She has been posted before, a few times. This girl posts 10-20 selfies a day. They are all almost the same photo to make it worse. She cries 24/7 about life on Facebook. Yet she is 21 and has never had to be responsible for a thing in her life. Her adopted parents buy everything for her. She claims to be gay, even though she just started dating girls and I have screen shots of her trying to hook up with her ex’s that are guys, along with telling guys she likes them. Make up your mind. She thinks she is an artist because some local company lets her sing. She recently said she is being on MTV True Life “I’m Addicted To Molly” and brags about it. She is happy to be a drug addict, and so proud of herself. She doesn’t realize they are going to make her look like a fool, nobody is jealous. I cant wait till MTV gets there and realizes she was lying to them. This girl doesn’t even do molly. I have gone out with here 100′s of times, never seen her even do it. If you are addicted to a drug you do it every day, Not once a year. I know guys who have sucked dick for a case of beer, that’s a real addiction. She does not even party. STOP LYING YOU CM DUMPSTER. AND REALIZE NOBODY, NO ONE LIKES YOU

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Jason Jacobetz is Backstabbing Garbage

April 18, 2014 Pittsburgh 6 6,016 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this person is a piece of human filth. He treats people like garbage and engages in illegal activity. He signs fraudulent sales agreements in real estate….acts in bad faith…stabs people in the back who thought he was a friend while at his bedside in a hospital….friendship to him is a commodity!!! His business associates are called at all hours of the night expected to jump when he says how high!! He expects them to act illegally for his causes!!! Hes a piece of trash!!! DO NOT BUY PROPERTIES FROM THIS PERSON

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