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Old Witch Rebekah

November 24, 2014 Dallas 2

THE DIRTY ARMY: First off I’m posting this cause my friend refuse to. This bitch here is named Rebekah Munoz (a.k.a. Rebekah Dey) My friend knew her since high school and had a huge crush on her. During high school she got married. He didn’t know that she was and was very pissed about it when he found out.. two years later. She was a swinger along with her husband, sleeping with other men and women. She even did porn boy/girl, girl/girl, even boy/boy/girl and other stuff(if anyone has them get me a copy). My friend got in touch with her a few years back and got to see her again. Now she was seeing somebody at the time but she later broke up with him and my friend was the first to know. My friend kept asking her out for about 4 or 5 years but she always turned him down cause she was busy with work and family that she dosen\’t have time for dating or relationship but he kept asking her out hoping one day she would say yes. Just recently she contacted him telling him that she now has a boyfriend. He was very pissed cause she told him that she dosen\’t have time but she has time to go out with someone else. She basically lied to him because she could\’ve told her new bf that she dosen’t have time. But it turns out that she been seeing him for a long while. Even her kids met him and already thought as him as her new bf. So proof all around her instagram and facebook she was dating him and kept lying to my friend.

This proved that she is the worse of the worst.

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Broke Brandi Gober

November 24, 2014 Dallas, The Dirty 111

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I wanted to warn the other men of DFW about this sticky fingered escort. I hired her for $500 for the night and we stayed at hotel Zaza. That was a waste of money because she laid there like a dead fish the entire time, I think she was on some kind of drug. Anyways I pass out and morning rolls around and when I wake up the chick stole EVERYTHING. And by everything I mean she took my wallet, laptop, and my Ferragamo SHOES. Luckily I locked up my Hublot in the safe otherwise she would have snatched that too. I found my stolen items for sale on Craigslist, and a little digging on the internet led me to this site and how she has done the same thing to other men. BEWARE OF BRANDI GOBER! She will steal the shoes off your feet she is so desperate.

Did someone sit on Brandi’s face?- nik

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Courtney Kenny Is Back At It

November 22, 2014 Dallas, The Dirty 37

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, well Courtney Kenny is about to celebrate her 6 month with her BF Joey Colletti. Too bad she hasn’t been faithful as him. She might have sent me pics and we might have had sex multiple times… sorry Joey but not sure if you really found the one.

And this is the picture you share with us? Soft!- nik

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Seth Lowery Is A Joke

November 20, 2014 Dallas, The Dirty 54

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I am thinking of making an investment with a friend of mine. Seth Lowery is a very successful DJ / Club promoter in Dallas and he is always talking about how much money he is making off his website. For a one-time fee he will show me how I can bring in $100s per day by doing nothing. Sounds good right?

Is that Jay Cutler?- nik

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What’s the Over/Under On Mickey Mostaccioli’s 4th Engagement In 2 Years

November 20, 2014 Dallas, The Dirty 21

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Mickey Mostaccioli is at it again, engaged for the fourth time in less than 2 years while his divorce was barely just finalized. He and his “crew” love to hang out with naive young girls – the blonder and dumber the better – and impress them with the “good” life. Nothing but a bunch of Dallas douchebags with too much time and money on their hands. Good luck Kaylan, but the over and under is less than a year.

This is the best you could do Mick?- nik

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Eva Davis Trickin

November 19, 2014 Dallas 24

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this number is provided for all the trick who want this fat buttercup. shes a live hard working prostitute she cuts her face out but her chubby little fingers will prove its her! Nic expose this low life whore!!! she works at a daycare wtf!!! shes going to give them a*ds!!!!! Upscale long haired blonde . Pictures guaranteed. Well reviewed please contact me for details and availability. Ask for two girl special. 200 hr 150 hhr In all and outcall available

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The Rats

November 19, 2014 Dallas, Fort Worth 42

THE DIRTY ARMY: NIK, Here’s something that the rest of the world should know before u become friends with them. If you already know them then u know the kind of people they are. The couple- hannah johnson and jayce joyner she’s 24 or about to be. Works at bone daddys and at a pollo run apartments. the girl is always drunk or on coke. she could have a car by now but she would much rather spend on getting high on anything. She loves to tell people that her man is the DAB KING. He’s about to be 30. He makes over $10 grand a month but if u have meet him then u know he has no concept of the value of a dollar. They love to use people that is their thing. If you help them out one time then they are constantly asking for more. I don’t even think they have fully paid anyone back that they have borrowed from. The other guy- david slider almost 30. he thinks he’s a bad ass cause the pink house in Denver supplies him. (Supplies the dab king) but really all 3 of them are fake as fck!!!!!!! They all think they are such bad ass people HAHAHAHA. A few months back the DAB KING got is door kicked in by the Feds.hes not smart at all but since he got caught with dab and weed he decided to not man up on his own mistakes and turn random people he knows of and is jealous of. So basically all 3 of them got caught and are snitches. David is helping out the Feds as well as hannah so jayce doesn’t go to prison. What do you think should happen to snitches??? Do you think snitches deserve to be put on blast?

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Dangerous Duo – Adrienne & Lisa Bortell

November 18, 2014 Dallas 23


THE DIRTY ARMY: Mother, Lisa Bortell and Daughter Adrienne Bortell are dangerous combination. From Robbery, stealing, black-mailing, drugs, criminal assult to prostitution they are involved as we speak. You will come across innocent but are extremely dangerous. You can see the record of the mother @ (clcik here for mug)  & you can find similar records on Adrienne Bortell also. Please be very cautious of these people.  they are both under criminal investigation. Adrienne Bortell attends Bryan Adams High School, Dallas, Texas. Mother has been seen around oaklawn area.

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