Is My Husband Gay

February 15, 2013 Navy, New England, The Dirty 129

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I need some advice…So, I met this guy who is in the Navy and we got engaged after 3 weeks of knowing each other, then married another month later. Everything was great until he got stationed here in New England (we were in the South Pacific before). He started going on late night fishing trips where he would come home drunk at 3 or 4am. (He did have fish though..) All of a sudden one day he said he was leaving me! Everyone he works with were stunned..they see him..and see me…(I’m the better looking one…in fact, I am quite good looking) No one could believe that he left me, including me! There were no signs, except for those odd fishing trips every week with this guy friend of his I had never met. So anyway, he files for divorce, and he’s been living with this same guy he went fishing with. He comes over often and we drink and have sex and one time I touched his ass kind of by accident and he starts to make noises that I’ve never heard him make before. So I kept doing it and he LOVED it. I am not going to lie, I was a little freaked out by it, but I know that some straight guys just like that..right? But then about a week later, we’re both drunk and I ask him if he’s ever done anything “gay”. His reponse blew me away. He said yes, that one night he was out at a bar and was drunk and he decided “f it, I’m going to sleep with a dude” and he and this gay guy went to his car and did EVERYTHING. He sucked greg and took it in the ass. He said he didn’t like it though and wouldn’t do it again. But that’s not normal, is it? So I’m wondering if he left me because he’s really gay, or at least bi, and likes this guy he lives with now? Do straight men get curious about gay sex and try it, even if they’re straight?

Let me guess… his favorite show is Spartacus on the STARZ Network.- nik