Angelisa Benitez Is Amazing

October 25, 2014 Chicago, The Dirty 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: Come on Nik you have yet to comment on her. Yes, she’s from the Midwest but she is smoking hot.  Has those crazy eyes, amazing butt and amazing boobs.

I have yet to see a real picture.- nik

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Found Your Nanny… Look No Further

October 24, 2014 Hollywood, The Dirty 6


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, check out what I came across.  If this girl can’t be your nanny, then I officially give up.  As a girl, I have never crushed on another female like this one.

The belly button is perfect, I like penny slots. What’s 411, what country are we talking about?- nik

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Piper Porter Is A Groupie

October 24, 2014 Seattle, The Dirty 3


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this girl Piper Malone Porter is painfully plain. She thinks she’s special because she used her deceptive makeup skills to become internet famous. She’s a butterface. Her face is huge and round and her nose is atrocious. She doesn’t ever stop posting about her ugly boyfriend. Apparently she never got attention from a guy before. They just boring nobodies, and thanks to social media think they are some kind of celebrity couple. Anyway, she is also a two faced skeez and hangs out with Riff Raff groupie Angela Jean. I met Piper at a while back and she was all over me even though I told her I had a girlfriend. She wouldn’t stop asking for my number so I gave her my homies as a joke. Later that night she drunkenly sends him this photo of her lopsided boobs. Sorry Chad, I think you need to check your b*tch. Piper, maybe try to fix your face then try again.

I wonder what is in her hand. I think it’s _______.- nik

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Info On Colin Kaepernick And Brittany Renner

October 24, 2014 Dirty Athletes, San Francisco, The Dirty 6

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I have a friend in Mississippi who is friends with Colin Kaepernicks rumored new girlfriend Brittany Renner (Fitness Model) well a couple weeks ago she was down there and she gave my friend the details on her and Colin. Well my friend told me Brittany told her that she and Colin have been having a fling for over 3 months and their relationship is “tricky” but they are semi together. There were rumors saying she was pregnant but I can confirm she definitley is not and it was just a silly rumor that people speculated . Well this is where it gets messy ! LOL, Brittany told my friend that Colin had a very tiny d*ck, and she was suprised due to his big size. She said his sex game was whack and it was dissapointing and that her ex was way better dang……. Brit said her and Colin are still talking despite ups and downs in their relationships but I just had to let you know that his sex game is WHACK! She want’s to be the chosen one so bad, and is mad that he doesn’t claim her, she want’s the package of a NFL girlfriend but I guess that package doesn’t indluce good sex! LOL.

Colin can do better.- nik

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More Like Taz’s Minors

October 24, 2014 Miami, The Dirty 9


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Miami has a messed up perception that the so called “Tazs Angels” is a modeling agency or something but if your in the music industry you know that they are all a bunch of Groupies and Bottle Rats that sell some coochie here and there. But for the most part, they are all broke but think they are famous because instagram followers, comments, likes… But that does not make them anything glamorous… These girls don’t even own a car! As good looking low life ghetto women they look forward to being at the best clubs every night in VIP section with athletes, rappers, or taz himself because they are hoes that will f*ck at the end of the night and put on a lesbian show for the boys. Well anyways, I wrote this to tell you that they recently added a girl to their “crew” who’s real name is Brenda and all my friends tell me that she is only 17 years old! They say she carries a fake Id but doesn’t need it because these girls don’t even get Asked for ID at Miami clubs. So Miami next time you pop bottles and have the angels come to your table, make sure you ask for ID or you’ll be giving alcohol to a minor and possibly having sex with one aswell.

Good looking out.- nik

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+2s Giveway In Tampa At The Drynk Halloween Night

October 24, 2014 Orlando, Tampa, The Dirty 0


I’m doing my Halloween party in Trampa this year. Because Trampa appreciates +2′s!! Trampa come celebrate a very Dirty Halloween with me at The DrYnk for your chance to win +2′s from Dr. Martin in Scottsdale.- nik

Click here to enter the contest for your chance to win +2′s!!!

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Jessa Hinton Is Now Single

October 24, 2014 Hollywood, The Dirty 52


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, Jessa’s boyfriend Mike got royally f*cked over by Jessa.  He is a Vegas promoter and moved to Hollywood to be with her… just to find out she just started hooking.  Poor guy wasted his time and effort on your typical Hollywood whore.  Best part of this story, her first “client” was the one and only… Dan Bilzerian.

Ladies always clean your bathroom mirror pre-selfie. It’s classier than just be in your underwear for the money shot.- nik

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My Stepford Wife Life

October 24, 2014 Newport, The Dirty 23


(Click on the image to see this “Stepford Wife’s” +2′s… thoughts?)

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik! Thanks so much for cluing me in to this alternate universe. All my life all I have wanted to be was a faithful wife. I’m extremely attractive, largely because of plastic surgery guide lines from you! Anyway, never really meant to be a gold digger but now I have an Ivy league education and I just want to be a sexy Newport mom. I understand I’ll be replaced in ten years but I promise to make those ten years the most amazing sex filled blow job years of his life. So what now Nik you judgmental prick? Never mind won’t be checking back just making naked sandwiches while I give my husband a blow job.

Katie, why are you sending me naked pictures of yourself? I’m already taken.- nik

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