Preparing For #JohnGray And The Shining’s NRP Debut


Dear DIRTY ARMY — please leave your questions below (in comments) for Episode 6 of NRP — I’m getting mentally prepared for this interview of champions. Thank you #JohnGray and The Shining for granting me this opportunity.- nik

Who’s Funding Desiree


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, check out this blast from the past! Randomly thought of Zed/Udders the other day and decided to look her up. To my surprise(not really), I see that she has gone the way of typical Instagram thot. Traveling all over the world, seems to be by herself in most destinations, no job, promoting stuff, and the sure sign- an email address in her bio. Who’s funding her lifestyle? Must be a GoPro and surely not the lowly band dudes she used to groupie for? Saw that she was exchanging tweets with Jamie Iovine as well, maybe she’s trying to be the next Office. Either way, she’s come a long way from being known for sucking off that BMX dude.

I thought she was trying to ‘make it’ in Hollywood… does this count?- nik

Is Wicked Tuna Using Cancer to Make Money


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, it’s sad how Wicked Tuna is using Cancer to try and sell her calendars. Cleavage for the Cure is nothing but a scam. This woman has zero shame.

Wicked Tuna has a 2016 calendar — the world is really ending.- nik

NRP — Sharkey Breaks The Internet (Part Two)


The much anticipated part 2 that takes you back inside the mind of street mogul James Theodore Sharkey. Nik dives deeper into Sharkey’s journey of love, drugs, prostitution, heartbreak and secrets. You cannot miss the continuation of this movie!

Dean Nicolo Is a Very Bad Husband


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, just a heads up to Mrs. Nicolo, your husband Dean cheats on you regularly with various women. You should ask him about his “Sex Pad” that he owns that you don’t know about. He tried chatting me up at a club and asked me to go back to his sex pad, admitted he was married but has this apartment to take women to on the side. I would get yourself tested as he also told me he doesn’t use protection. Dean runs one of the Professionals Real Estate Agency in Vic Park – So ladies watch out for this one, as sleazy as they get.

OP did you actually go to the Sex Pad? I love Australia… so pre-historic.- nik

What Do You Think of Peeple App


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, so in November this new app called Peeple is coming out. It’s supposed to be like Yelp, but instead you rate people. You log into Facebook and use your real name and any positive posts get accepted immediately and negative are given a 48 hour window for the person written about to accept. If they do not have an account with the app then the negative posts are never put up. Many people are criticizing it and calling for it to be stopped before ever being put out. I honestly don’t get the point of the app because no one would allow anything bad to be written about them if they are given the chance to dispute it. I feel like this app is a weaker version of your site and will not last more than a few months. What do you think of it?

I think this is a Cyberbully app.- nik

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